Monthly Archives: June 2016

Lucky and Happy!

So, I logged-in in my icloud account and wonder if I should buy their $.99 icloud storage plan per month. Well I thought about it and wondered what’s the pro and con and the advantage of having it over my existing one drive account.

So I logged-in this time in my onedrive account just to check how much available storage I still have. It turned out that I have a 30GB storage that I accumulated over time for free. I also noticed that there’s a banner notification that says they’ll downgrade my storage to the regular 5GB account by July. So I’ll be losing my extra 25GB?? But to make it up for it, Microsoft is offering a free Office 365 for one year with a free 1TB one drive space! O_O

Why would I refuse? All I have to do is sign up.

So, here I am, with Microsoft Office 365 (1 year subscription) now installed on my laptop which I got for free! Regular price costs $69 hehehe.

and I also got 1TB space in my one drive account valid for 1 year. and I also have a free 60 minutes skype call credit every month!

I’m very lucky and happy, and I’m really grateful!