Melanie as a Professional Kickass Content Writer

So, the company I’m working on right now would like me to learn inbound marketing. They are actually paying my time to watch learning videos and reading content materials to develop my marketing skills and to become a certified Inbound Marketing Professional. How lucky I am, right?

If I’m a normal person and a person who is in the right state of mind, I would definitely just grab this opportunity and spend days, or maybe even weeks, watching and reading all these educational material on the internet to my heart’s content. Oh but I feel bad doing that. Of course I would like to learn. For the record, I have been paying courses to attend Red River College Continuing Education Program and it’s costing me a fortune! I also have been subscribing to online learning sites like TeamTreeHouse, Udemy, TutsPlus and Learnable so why not just take this chance for granted, right? I mean, what’s wrong with you, Melanie? I’m working for someone who is willing to pay me to learn. That’s my ideal and dream job, really!!

Right. Only that I am 100% confident that what they are asking me to learn is something they will not ask me to do in the future. And please let me hear my explanations below.

I mean, yes I have always wanted to learn digital marketing. I have always dream of making a lot of money thru SEO (because I know for a fact that you can actually earn passively thru advertising). It would be cool to contribute to the company a new skill called ‘marketing’ but it wouldn’t feel fair for them if I think that course is not for me, right? Unless they would ask me to write for a living, then definitely, they would benefit if I learn that skill. But knowing them, they actually pay for amazing professionals to write killer contents for the company and their clients. They have high-quality standards in terms of content so I don’t think they would trust a newbie like me to do the job.

A little background. I am hired as a website/graphic designer for the company.

The course is about inbound marketing. And the lecture that the ’teacher’ talks about is all mostly about content and writing blogs that attract clients. The ‘Hows’ and the ‘Steps’ and the way you write and sound. If I will put it simply and in my own words: “The Secrets to a Successful Marketing Online”. It really piqued my interest and I don’t think I can say ’No’ now on learning those things. But as far as I know myself, I learn most by doing rather than just reading and watching. Surely I will learn all those blah blah blah they talk about but give me a week or so and I will forget EVERYTHING! :D

I learn more by doing, period. If I really wanted to learn it, I must do it and practise it regularly.

So that’s what I’m doing now. But to be fair to my boss and to the company, I shouldn’t do this on company’s time but on my own free time. I don’t think they are aware that the lecture is all about content writing and not about website development. It’s not fair for them to pay me learning if they are not going to use me as a newbie content writer, right?

And starting today, I’m writing blogs again. In addition to my software development course, I will be learning, writing, sharing and testing all that marketing stuff that I will learn from the company. Maybe I will be a pro kick-ass content writer too someday.

And if I got too honest with my opinions and starting to turn you off, readers… Please bear with me and let me know by sending me a quick comment below so I can change my ways. My first lesson is to write and sound human. To write for people and not for Google Search Engine bots. The only thing I know how to do that is to drop all the formalities and let the readers know that I am actually a real talking girl with all the flaws and weaknesses. Please let me know if I’m doing it correctly.

Thank you and have a great day!