On Blog Post and English Usage

Today, I created my first blog post at work. I showed it to my boss and he did say it’s wonderful. He told me that my post would need a different call to action though from what we currently have. Meaning, a different lead magnet form offer and that he is currently checking on it. To put it simply, I haven’t posted it yet because I’m waiting for him. If I will let my old self-takeover my mind, I would think that my post is not good enough to put in the company site. :D Well anyway, if that becomes the case, I’ll post it here in my personal blog. Though my sentence formulation sucks, I still think that my blog post idea is awesome in every way. :D

Another thing,

I received a new email. This time, from appsumo.com. It’s a Learnable/Sitepoint Premium Lifetime offer. A lifetime membership subscription for coding/programming tutorials. Even though I’m still subscribed to its annual plan (expiring December 2016, next year), I still purchased it. It’s a lifetime membership! How can I let it pass? Seriously, you understand me right?

What else do I need to talk about here? Let me see, ah! You do notice that I’m using WordPress here in my blog site, right? But, as of this moment, I’m actually writing this blog post in hemingwayapp.com. It’s a text editor that checks my English sentence error. Kinda neat, it highlights my sentences and words, as I write. Correcting me right on the spot. You don’t know how many edits I made while writing this. Annoying to find so many errors, but really, a very* cool app I must say.

*and the Hemingway app wants me to remove my “very” word. Seriously? Yes, the “Seriously”, “simply” and “really” word too, I must delete! LOL, how can I remove those when they sound so human? Haha!