September Nine (a not so creative title for a post)

National Learn to Code Day 2015

Have you heard about the Ladies Learning Code website? Well, I received a newsletter from them today about the National Learn to Code Day Campaign. They are organizing a workshop event to 22+ cities across Canada. Winnipeg is among them and I signed up. The workshop will be about Data Insights with Python for Beginners on September 26th.

Why did I register?

I want to. I need to learn. I still believe I can create a mobile app someday.

Blog post and quotes (Marketing Strategy)

I decided to finally write a blog post for the company I’m currently working. Our team were given a task to do a research on how we can market our services better to the public. More of “Getting our company to get new clients in Winnipeg”. Honestly, I don’t have a brilliant marketing strategy plan right now. I’m deciding to just do a “how-to” blog post instead. Hopefully, my not-yet-finished-blog can somehow attract them to visit our site?

How is it (if you’re asking)? Hmnn.. I think I already forgot how to write a blog. Hehe. Clearly, I had trouble writing a sentence to start my mini tutorial a while ago. I had a mental block. I was so used to speaking what’s on my mind (since ancient time, thru blogging) that it made me feel disappointed. I was actually lost for words. Maybe I need to be myself. I’ll let you know how it will go again tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even write a case study in case I’ll become successful in my blog post marketing endeavour. 😀

P.S. this is another reason why I’m trying to revive this blog. I feel like I’m forgetting how to express myself in words. And Marketing, is an interesting topic I would like to challenge learning.

Goal: Mobile App

I haven’t given much thought about it yet. But I’m thinking, as of this moment, what about a kids tablet/mobile app? I have a 4 years old nephew and I can test it with him if he would be interested in the app that I’ll be building or not. I’ll have an honest feedback from a child who doesn’t know yet how to lie to be polite. 😀

Las Vegas

I’m going to Las Vegas this coming October! Big Smile! I’ll tell more details about it next time. For now, I need to earn a lot of money starting today.I hope the Universe is hearing this, please let me win the Lotto 6/49 jackpot!